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When we say GIANT, we mean Jack and the Beanstalk & Jolly Green.


This classic game of strategy can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone, even if they suck at it.  It is definitely a game for almost all ages, as long as they can reach the top without climbing on it.


Made from high quality USA steel, possibly from Pittsburgh, these are 59.5" wide x 57.25 tall overall dimensions with a 46" wide x 36" tall playing surface.  Powder coated finish (stronger than paint) and available in a variety of colors.


There are similar items out there made of high quality, cabinet grade wood, but we ask you how long would your kitchen cabinets last in the rain, snow and sun?


These are steel fames and are built to stand-up to most conditions.


This is a great item to get customers to the bar, lodge, campground or set your apartment complex or home pool apart from all the others.


Strandard frame colors available are Signal Red, Signal Blue or Consumer Yellow while disc colors are black and white.  While those are the standards, you can bet your ass we will custom print discs with about any color or design that you want.  Just give us the money to do it.


Made in the USA.

GIANT 4 In A Row

SKU: C4-52X38
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