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Product Features & Details

Like our jumbo horse racing game but made for the table top.


Like Monopoly, a teaching game but using gambling instead of controlling property.


A great way to teach your kids the reality of gambling before one of the gambling apps gets ahold of them when they are teenagers and makes them think they will always win.  If they do happen to win there is always the possibility that they become professional gamblers and have so much money they will give some to you.


This exciting game comes with mini horse figures, dice and play money to gamble with.


A roll of the dice determines how far your horse will travel.  A horse is never out of the race until the very end with certain rolls resulting in moving backwards and even disqualification.


Bet money on your horse to win and attempt to build your "stash".


This is an officially licensed product of the Hawkeyes and made in the USA.


  • Made of Solid, 3/4" Poplar Wood
  • Laser Etched and Cut
  • Finished with a Solid Coat of Natural Stain and Multiple Coats of Water Based Clear Coat
  • Felt Pads on the bottom
  • Includes 3 Horse Game Pieces
  • Includes pair of dice
  • "Play" Money
  • Officially Licensed Product


  • Dimensions: 19"L X 5"W
  • Made in the USA

Iowa Hawkeyes Dice Horse Racing

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