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The name is somewhat of an exaggeration as the track in not nearly the size of Churchill Downs and other animals such as pigs, turkeys and donkeys may be used.


A teaching game, like Monopoly, but using gambling instead of controlling property.


You get to combine rolling dice, betting and racing animals. What can be more fun than that.


A roll of the dice determines how far your animal will travel.  An animal is never out of the race until the very end as certain rolls result in moving backwards or even disqualification.


All of these things may upset P.E.T.A. but make for a great way to teach kids how to gamble while being a great piece for your man cave, back room gambling area, office or hospitality suite.


We can't confirm but have heard that some large amounts of cash have been won and lost in some basements playing this game.

Jumbo Horse Racing

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