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Product Features & Details

Cribbage is always a fun game and is the only great thing, besides The Guillotine, to come from Britain.


The fact that it was invented by a man named Sir John Suckling in not an indication of how enjoyable this table top game is.


Heck, you get to play cards, drink and race your apponents around a track without sweating.


A great game to enjoy with friends and family of all ages, cribbage is currently recognized as one of the most popular games in the English speaking world.


This is an officially licensed product of the Bison and made in the USA.


  • Made of Solid, 3/4" Poplar Wood
  • Laser Etched and Cut
  • Finished with a Solid Coat of Natural Stain and Multiple Coats of Water Based Clear Coat
  • Felt Pads on the bottom
  • Officially Licensed Product


  • Dimensions: 19"L X 5"W
  • Made in the USA

NDSU Bison Wood Cribbage Board

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