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SHOTSKI-MAXIMUS - Patent Pending


Well, you have heard of Viagra™ for your private matters, with a little cash you can keep making this wood longer as well.


This beast is like that but involves the good old shotski.


Why have a shotski that has up to a limited amount of holes when you can simply keep adding sections and make more friends at the same time...just keep making it longer.


Once again, we have come out with a kick-ass idea that will make your tailgate, party or bar be the "hit" of the day or night.


The standard kit comes as a 2 section kit with a center connecting sleeve and associated safety pins.  Additional sections can be purchased separately and includes a 4' extension board, connecting sleeve and 2 pins.  Each section includes 2 holes for shot glasses.


We ask; why stop there??? Go for the record and buy as many sections as you can afford.


As usual, this product is made from high quality American steel and wood possibly harvested from non-oxygen producing trees.

SHOTSKI-MAXIMUS Red & Yellow (Patent Pending)

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