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This heavy duty table top 4 in a row game is made of high quality USA Steel, possibly from Pittsburgh or another great USA city and has a 24" wide x 18" tall playing surface.


We are the original manufacturers of the metal version of this classic game of strategy that can be enjoyed by almost anyone...some people cry when they lose but we still think that they enjoyed it.


Others have tried to copy it and sell it on some "craft" website, but make it from thin steel, possibly from China...and we know how certain things engineered in China have worked out for us.


There are similar games made of cabinet grade wood, but we ask long will your kitchen cabinets last in the rain, snow and sun.


Comes in standard color of gloss black with red and blue discs.


We will do our best to get custom colors of your choosing but it will cost you.


Made in the USA.

TableTop 4 In a Row

SKU: C4TT24X16
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