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Product Features & Details

This heavy duty wall mounted 4 in a row game is made of high quality USA steel with a durable powder coat finish and has a mounting system so easy to install that you shouldn't even need directions.


We are the original manufacturers of the metal, wall mounted, version of this classic game of strategy that can be enjoyed by almost anyone...some people don't like fun.


There are "knock-off" steel units out there that are constructed of light weight steel made from underpaid laborers and you are welcome to feel the guilt of purchasing those products.


You will also see similar games made of cabinet grade wood but I think we know how your kitchen cabinets would do in the rain.


Comes in standard color of gloss black with red and blue discs.


We will do our best to accomodate custom colors but it will come at a price.


Made in the USA.

Wall Mount 4 In A Row

SKU: C4WM24X16
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